The application process for social security disability benefits is long and often ends in a hearing before a social security judge.

Below we review the three most important things the social security judge will want from you or your attorney.


The first thing the judge will want is for all of your medical evidence to be submitted to a timely fashion, typically one week before the hearing. If you or your attorney shows up to your hearing with new medical evidence, it will reflect poorly on your case.


The second thing that you’ll want to make sure you do is be on time for your hearing. It’s helpful to have some time before the hearing to regroup with your attorney prior to appearing before the judge.


The last thing you should do during your hearing is to be honest and respectful. This is your chance to tell your story and convince the judge of your need for disability benefits. Although the medical evidence is there, it’s often dry and doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s important that you are calm, respectful, and honest about what you’ve endured.


Those are just some of the important things you should do at your social security hearing.


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