Dayna was 46 years old when he was first hospitalized with abdominal pain in 2015. Over the next two years, he was hospitalized eight times, totaling over 95 days in the hospital due to a host of abdominal surgeries and infections related to those surgeries. In addition, Dayna required care from nurses and family members at home between said hospitalizations. Unfortunately, Social Security denied his claim twice before he went to Patrick Hartwig for help.


Patrick helped Dayna quickly file his last appeal requesting a hearing with a social security judge. While they waited for the hearing to be scheduled, Patrick ensured Dayna got a statement from his doctor indicating that Dayna was unable to work during this stretch of time. Patrick outlined detailed descriptions of each of Dayna’s hospitalizations. By the end of the hearing, it was very clear to the judge that it would’ve been impossible for Dayna to have worked during these past two years.  Thankfully, Dayna’s case was approved, and he is now receiving Social Security Disability benefits.


That’s how Patrick Hartwig was able to help Dayna receive social security benefits.


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