Fifty-year-old Dawn had a strong work history as a cashier, industrial cleaner, and factory worker until she became unable to work due to herniated discs. She applied for social security disability benefits and was denied twice, even though she had been out of work for over two years. Luckily, she had contacted Attorney Patrick Hartwig and he was able to help.


When she first met with Patrick, he encouraged her to file one more appeal. After the appeal was filed, Hartwig told Dawn to continue doing everything her doctors recommended. This included repeated rounds of physical therapy, numerous injections, and trying several types of medications that could help alleviate some of the pain.


Patrick then asked Dawn to get one of her doctors to complete a questionnaire, outlining all the limitations that made Dawn unable to work full-time.


During Dawn’s hearing, Patrick focused on Dawn’s very strong work history to convince the judge she was someone who would rather be working but physical cannot. Dan was finally approved for the disability benefits she deserved.


That’s how Social Security Disability Attorney Patrick Hartwig helped Dawn get the benefits she needs.


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