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Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits

When you find you cannot work due to illness or impairment, government benefits may be available to you. These benefits are known as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

However, many who try to collect these benefits on their own find themselves caught up in red tape. The process is lengthy and complex. You may feel the system is trying to deny benefits to people like you who so badly need them.

Here is what you need to know — according to government fact and figures, only about 55 percent of cases are approved by the Social Security Administration. Any person who needs SSDI or SSI benefits is facing an uphill battle.

The SSDI case outcome will hinge upon the quality of the information submitted with the initial application and at the hearing. Many people apply without assistance from an SSDI lawyer. After a long wait for an answer, they frequently get a denial letter in the mail. Often, their applications are missing critical information about their impairment and do not meet the criteria for approval.

50-Year-Old Cashier With Herniated Discs Convinced To Apply Again For Disability

46-Year-Old Patient Hospitalized 8 Times & Denied Disability Twice

43-Year-Old Heart Attack Victim Panics 3 Months Before Social Security Hearing

Social Security Benefits For 46-Year-Old Carpenter After Stroke & Heart Attack

52-Year-Old Home Health Aide Gets Supplemental Security Income

Homeless 52-Year-Old Security Guard With Cancer Gets Disability Benefits

Out Of Work 50-Year-Old Bank President Gets Disability Benefits

Convincing The Judge That A 57-Year-Old Bricklayer Could No Longer Work

Bus Driver On Short Term Disability Gets Long Term Social Security Disability

Why You Need Hartwig Law Firm

Attorney Patrick Hartwig is a zealous advocate for people whose physical and mental health issues prevent them from working. He understands what can go wrong with the initial application – and he knows how to avoid or correct any mistakes. Whether you are planning to file a claim for benefits or have had a valid claim denied, you can trust Patrick to be your advocate, to protect your rights, and to work with you directly, face-to-face, throughout the application and beyond.

Client Service That Goes Above and Beyond in SSDI and SSI Claims in Massachusetts

Our firm operates differently. Not only will we be your personal, face-to-face guides through the entire application process, we offer assistance with Medicare and health insurance issues, as well as transitional assistance while our clients are waiting for a decision about benefits. We have extensive experience handling claims at the Federal District Court level, and we will provide genuine, non-judgmental, compassionate legal assistance. We understand the difficulties our clients are facing every day, and are ready to take on the government and fight for their right to benefits.

Increase Your Chances of Winning a Disability Case

How can you increase your chances of winning your SSDI case? Talk to a lawyer in person. We have a deep knowledge of the system, and have represented clients at over 600 SSDI and SSI hearings throughout New England. We understand how the Social Security Administration makes decisions, and how to present and highlight the critical information about impairment in the right manner. We come to you if necessary, and are dedicated to serving you on a personal basis.

Call now for the local help you need to increase your chances of being awarded benefits, or to appeal a denial. Help with your SSDI and SSI claim is just a phone call away.

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