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Social Security Disability benefits can be extremely difficult to obtain. In fact, the current rate stands at about 55% of all claims approved. Valid claims are denied every day, often due to a failure to submit the correct medical information, in the right format.

In our years of providing representation to disabled clients we have been successful for our clients in both initial applications and in appealing denied claims. Our personal dedication to our clients is what drives us to fight for justice and fairness, and we fight hard. We understand how the Social Security Administration system works, and know what the judges and decision makers look for in a successful claim.

Below you will find answers to some basic questions about SSDI benefits. If you have other questions, call! We will explain how we can help you get the benefits you deserve, whether by assisting with your initial application, appealing your denial, or representing you at your disability hearing.

How do I file a claim for SSDI benefits?

If you have become disabled, it is important to apply for benefits as soon as possible. The Social Security Administration makes it possible for an application to be submitted online. In my years serving the disabled, I have come to understand that the disability application process can be lengthy and daunting, particularly when clients are also coping with debilitating physical and mental health problems. I also have come to understand the nuances of the application process, and how important it is to submit the right data in the correct format, so that the decision makers at Social Security can appropriately evaluate your claim. That’s why I offer my clients assistance with their online disability applications; by working with an experienced attorney who cares about you and your claim, you can streamline the process and make applying as smooth and simple as possible.

How long does it take to get SSDI benefits?

The Social Security Administration is not known for moving quickly. Getting a ruling in your case can take five months or longer. This makes the situation very difficult for many people who are unable to work and earn a living. At Hartwig Law Firm, I assist clients with transitional assistance so they can survive while waiting for their Social Security benefits.

I am knowledgeable about Social Security Disability law and the benefits system. Call for help if you are struggling and unsure how to proceed. It could save you months of difficulties when your initial claim is submitted incorrectly.

What if my claim was denied?

A denial letter can be devastating, particularly when an individual is already suffering with medical and financial stressors. How are you expected to survive, pay your bills and care for yourself and your family? A severe disability can be devastating to an individual and his or her family. The last thing you need, or probably expected, was a rejection letter. However, you should understand that in many cases, a denial is the result of failing to present the information about your condition correctly. At Hartwig Law Firm, I go to bat for you. I bring to your case the collective experience gained through guiding past clients through hundreds of disability claims. You can be confident that you will receive knowledgeable and compassionate assistance as you navigate a complex and confusing system. Call me and talk to me about your case.

How much will I get in SSDI benefits?

There are limits to the amount any person can expect to get in SSDI benefits. The amount you get will be based upon your lifetime average earnings during the time that you paid into the Social Security system. Other types of benefits you are receiving, such as workers’ compensation, may reduce the amount you receive from Social Security.

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