A 62-year-old commercial bus driver went out on short term disability due to repeated failed ankle surgeries, but could not return to work.

Social Security Disability Lawyer Patrick Hartwig helped launched her Social Security Disability claim right away and got her application approved before her short term disability benefits ended, saving her from defaulting on a new car loan.


Kathy was a commercial bus driver for over 23 years when she suffered a significant ankle injury. She underwent multiple surgeries but the ankle never truly healed.


In the meantime, she was able to collect short term disability benefits through her employer, which was helpful because she had just signed a new car loan. When Kathy first met with Patrick, they filed her online disability application right away. He helped make sure every subsequent request Social Security made was filled and submitted forms immediately. He also ensured Kathy attended the consultative examination Social Security scheduled for her.


Patrick frequently followed up to make sure Social Security received all the relevant medical records for Kathy’s case. They then had Kathy’s doctor complete a questionnaire indicating that her limitations related to these failed ankle surgeries would make it impossible for her to continue her work as a bus driver.


In the end, Kathy was approved for disability benefits at the first stage of review, which was very helpful for her as it prevented her from defaulting on that new car loan.


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