The process of submitting a claim for social security disability benefits is a long and daunting one.

Oftentimes, applicants utilize the guidance of a social security disability attorney for help. But some worry they can’t afford it. Below we review the fees associated with hiring a social security disability lawyer.


The first thing to consider is that every fee agreement between an attorney and his or her client must be approved by Social Security. Social Security is always ensuring the fees being paid to the attorney is fair.


There are no upfront fees when hiring a social security disability attorney – the attorney only gets paid if the applicant gets approved. If the applicant is not approved, social security attorneys only get paid 25% of the back benefits that are due to the applicant at that time. That fee is kept at a maximum of $6,000.


Lastly, it’s important to know that social security attorney fees are one-time fees. The attorney gets paid a portion of the applicant’s back benefits at the time that he or she is awarded, and no further fees into the future.


Social security disability lawyers can be quite affordable and helpful throughout the application process.


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