The Social Security Disability judge just approved you for disability benefits, soon you’ll be receiving monthly payments but you’re wondering how Social Security calculates your back payments.


Social security disability benefits are helpful way to gain income while you’re too impaired to work full-time. However, the application process can be lengthy. Luckily, if you’re approved for disability, Social Security pays back payments. Below we review how Social Security processes back payments.


If you become eligible for supplemental security income (SSI), your back payments will go back up until the date the application was filed. In addition, Social Security may deduct any income you received during that time.


If you’re approved for social security disability insurance (SSDI) based on how much you paid into the system over the years, you’ll get paid up until one year prior to the day the application was filed. Social Security will calculate how much you qualify for monthly based on how much you’ve contributed in social security taxes.


It’s important to know that, when it comes to SSDI payments, Social Security does not pay you for the first five months after you have been approved. You do not receive back payments for this five-month waiting period.


This is how Social Security processes back payments.


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