So you just got your letter in the mail from Social Security approving you for disability benefits.

What happens next? We review how Social Security processes disability benefits below.

Once your case has been approved, it first goes back to the local Social Security office for your disability benefits to be processed. If you were approved for supplemental security income (SSI), Social Security will first conduct an interview with you about your finances called an asset review. They’ll ask questions about any monthly income you have any assets you have beyond one car and one home.


If you are approved for social security disability insurance (SSDI), Social Security needs to calculate how much you are entitled to on a monthly basis, how far back in time your benefits will go, and whether or not they need to deduct anything from your retroactive payments. For example, workers’ compensation benefits might be deducted as an offset to your social security disability insurance benefits. If you owe outstanding child support, that can also be deducted from your retroactive benefits. Attorney’s fees are also deducted from retroactive benefits.


That’s how Social Security processes disability benefits.


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