Social security disability lawyers are a helpful tool that help ensure your social security disability case is handled professionally, efficiently, and successfully acquires your disability benefits.

However, how do you position yourself to be a good client for a social security disability lawyer? Below we review what they look for in an ideal client.


One of the first things a disability lawyer looks at when reviewing a potential client is their work history. If you have a comprehensive work history, it means you’ll be firmly eligible for social security disability benefits. A full work history also illustrates the client’s work ethic and that they’d rather be working than apply for these benefits. Surprisingly, this establishes credibility.


Another thing social security disability lawyers look at is age. They prefer clients over the age of 50, simply because Social Security looks more favorably on people of that age because they believe it’s more difficult to get acclimated into other types of work at that age.


Social security disability lawyers also look for objective medical evidence. Social Security needs to be able to tie your limitations to the objective medical evidence in your file. This requires going to the doctor and following their orders about how to get better. Social Security will not approve an application solely based on anecdotes from the applicant.


The last thing they look for in a client is overall credibility. The timeline and the story the client provides needs to make sense since it’s the lawyers job to convey to Social Security that their client needs these benefits. The lawyer needs to believe in the story and be able to portray it quickly, consciously, and persuasively.


Those are some of the things social security disability lawyers look for in their clients.


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