The social security disability application process can be confusing and daunting.

A social security disability lawyer can help guide that process. But how do you find the right attorney? Below we review some key things to look for when looking for a social security disability lawyer.


First, you should ensure the attorney specializes in social security disability. Social security benefits can be convoluted and tricky to understand so you’ll want an attorney whose sole focus is on this subject to better help you through the application process.


The next thing to look for in an attorney is one that will be responsive and provide updates whenever necessary. The Social Security Disability process can drag on so it’s important to have an attorney who will be responsive to you and keep you in the loop throughout the process.


The last thing you’ll want to know is whether the attorney that will appear at the hearing will be the same one that works your file throughout the entire claims process. You want to have a local attorney who knows the social security judges you’ll be appearing in front of because this goes a long way in the claims process.


Those are just some of the things to look for in a social security disability attorney.


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