You can help get a faster decision from the Social Security Administration on your application by following a few simple guidelines.

The timeliness and completeness of your initial application are very important. Missing information could result in a delay of processing your application and possibly a denial.

Equally important are the following tips to help you get a quicker decision:

  • Respond promptly to any request by the Social Security Administration or the Disability DeterminationServices department to provide additional
  • Attend all Hearings on the date, the time and at the location they tell
  • Keep your contact information with the SSA up to date. If you move or change phone numbers let them know

The SSA does have two initiatives in place for extreme cases that may help expedite certain types of claims. The firstis referred to as “Compassionate Allowances.”

This typically applies when a condition is known to be fully disabling or terminal.

This includes diseases like…

  • Atrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or
  • pancreatic cancer.

(You can go online conditions.htm and see the entire list of compassionate allowances. It was recently expanded.)

The second is referred to as “Quick Disability Determinations.”

This refers to a computer screening model which identifies cases that are highly likely to be approved, and fast‐tracks them.

As of 2010, the Quick Disability Determinations model only handled the most extreme disabling conditions.

Decisions in cases using the model were typically made in around 12 days. (But understand, in my experience, this is rarely used.)

An experienced lawyer may be able to find a way to expedite your claim. This depends upon your specific situation.

Please note that if you are waiting on a Hearing date, there are some limited ways to expedite a Hearing by showing “dire need,” such as foreclosure/eviction, utility cut off, terminal disease, wounded warrior, and others.

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