Social security hearings are your best chance to acquire the disability benefits you deserve.

However, it’s important to be as prepared as can be to ensure the best results. Below we review how attorneys prepare for a social security disability hearing and how you can help in the process.


The first thing a social security attorney will do once a hearing is scheduled is update all of the medical records on file. It’s important that the judge has all pieces of medical evidence that exists up to one month before the date of the hearing. The attorney will set up a call with you to go over all of the latest treatments you’ve received in the last six to 12 months. The attorney will request those records and submit them electronically before the evidence deadline.


After that, you’ll ask any of your doctors who are willing to complete a questionnaire to do so. Social Security will give great weight to your doctor’s opinion if he or she believes you’re unable to work on a full-time basis because of your health impairments.


Once it gets closer to the day of the hearing, your attorney will then review your entire file, including all the updated medical evidence, to ensure that everything is in order and the attorney is familiar with the case.


On the day of the hearing, your attorney will want to make sure he or she knows the judge. Having a local attorney who knows every judge in the hearing office is vital. Every judge has different styles and preferences, so it’s important for your attorney to know what those are. Then, the attorney provides a clear, concise theory about how the facts in your case meet social security’s definition of disability. This allows the judge to focus on the most important things in your case.


This is how you and your attorney can prepare for your social security disability hearing.


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