There are two frequent questions when the SSA issues an approval: how long does it take to get paid; and how much will I get.

In our experience, it usually takes 30-60 days to get the money started. Sometimes less, sometimes more. This can vary by the type of case of you have, whether there are any complications, whether the SSA needs more information to calculate your benefits… 

As to how much you will get, the actual calculation will differ depending on whether you have a Title II case or Title XVI case. There is a 5 full month wait on Title II cash benefits which almost always becomes 6 months. So if you were expecting 15 months of “back pay,” don’t be surprised if you only get 9. If you have a SSI case, that program has complex rules and income offsets, asset limits.

In short, the “how much” question can get painfully complicated, especially if you have more than one type of case pending with the SSA. Just ask an experienced lawyer (or visit the SSA District Office).

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