No matter how sick you say you are…

No matter how sick your own doctor may say that you are: Social Security expects to see Objective Medical evidence in your medical records that backs this up.

For example, you may say that you have chronic back pain, and that it hurts you to stand for very long, or sit for very long, or even to drive a car for very long. Your doctor may be prescribing pain medication, or muscle relaxers, or may have given you a Tens unit or a back brace or even prescribed a cane for you to use for balance and support when walking. Even with that kind of evidence, Social Security will look to see if there are any Objective findings in your medical records that support this. They will look to see if you have X-rays that show Degenerative Disc Disease, and whether the report says it is mild or minimal or severe. They will look tosee if you have an MRI report on your back, and whether it shows foraminal narrowing, or nerve encroachment, herniation, bulging etc.

If you have Diabetes and you say that you have numbness and burning and tingling in your hands or in your feet, your doctor may be prescribing Gabapentin and you may be walking with a cane. Social Security will look to see if you have had Nerve Conduction studies that show that you have diabetic neuropathy.  Your subjective complaints of pain will not be enough. Objective medical evidence is essential for a winning case.

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