Fifty-two-year-old Joyce was a security guard with cancer who became homeless while Social Security denied her claim twice in a matter of nine months.

Luckily, Patrick Hartwig was able to help get her case back on track and get her approved for the benefits she needed.


When Joyce first approached Patrick, she had been a security guard for 15 years but was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. In the course of that treatment, she suffered a number of ranging complications. In addition, she had to also undergo three different ankle surgeries. During this process, Joyce applied for Social Security but was denied at the first two stages of review. Because of Joyce’s disability and inability to work, she became homeless.


As soon as Patrick became involved with Joyce’s case, he helped her file her last appeal. While they waited for the social security hearing to be scheduled, Patrick helped Joyce acquire

very supportive statements from both her oncologist and her orthopedic surgeon indicating that her limitations would prevent her from doing any type of work.


By the time they got to the hearing, Patrick and Joyce were able to convince the Social Security judge that, based on Joyce’s strong work history, her overall credibility, the objective evidence in her claim, and the support from her doctors, that she qualified for social security disability benefits.


That’s how Patrick Hartwig helped Joyce receive the benefits she deserved and get into stable housing.


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