Well, what people don’t realize is that disability can mean different things, depending on, the setting and the environment.

The legal system calls it a “term of art”. So it’s a term of art that can be defined in any number of ways. Well, it just so happens that social security’s definition of disability is very specific and it has a very detailed set of criteria.

You have to establish that you’re not going to be able to work for at least 12 months in a row. So someone who might consider themselves to be disabled or their doctor tells them that they can’t go back to work right now because they fractured their arm. A fractured arm might keep you out of work for a few weeks but it’s not a permanent disability.

And so they’re not disabled the way Social Security defines it. Now just because you can’t do your job anymore, and that’s all you’ve done, that doesn’t mean you’re disabled under Social Security system. It’s just a different system. The way their system works is we need to establish that you couldn’t do any full-time work in any job that actually exists

The simple truth is that Social Security will consider your own doctor’s thoughts and opinions, but they (the SSA reviewers) don’t have to agree with your doctor. In fact Social Security has their own in-house doctors and medical examiners. You might be asking why Social Security uses their own examiners versus trusting your doctor, well it comes down to objectiveness. Your doctor knows you and has a personal connection with you. And, although the doctor says you can’t work your current job, Social Security’s examiners may say otherwise. That’s where the frustration comes in.