In this phase you are appealing the decision of the Social Security Administration if your claim is denied, which most are, unfortunately.

You have sixty days in which to request such an appeal after your denial.

Basically, you are asking Social Security to take a second look at your case. Maybe, you’ve undergone additional medical treatment since your initial decision which could help improve your chances of receiving benefits. If Social Security has not sent you a consultative examination at the initial phase, they may do so in this phase. The time frame expectation of this phase is between two to six months.

Not very encouraging is it? Sadly, it’s also not unusual for a file to get stuck collecting dust on someone’s desk. Well, we are talking the speed of government here. So a bit of advice…if you don’t receive an answer within six months of requesting a reconsideration review, then a call should be made to Social Security to check on the status of your claim. Also its important to let Social Security know of any new medical developments in your case including hospitalizations or changes in your medications that have occurred since your initial filing.

If you have a Social Security attorney (or law firm) helping you with your claim, they can contact Social Security about your claim to determine what is going on and if additional records may make your case stronger or lead or to an approval status.

Once Social Security makes a decision at the reconsideration phase, they will notified you in writing. Social Security will then send you a letter letting you know if you’ve been approved or denied. Keep in mind that very few cases are approved at this phase.