DID YOU KNOW: Nearly Three-Fourths of all Claims are Rejected the First Time 

But the thing that truly shocks people is when they hear the number of Social Security Disability claims that are rejected every year… 

The SSA’s own records show that over the last 10 years, an incredible 72% of all claims are rejected the first time they are submitted… simply because they weren’t filed properly, completed properly, developed properly, or the disabled person didn’t know what their rights were. In fact, sometimes even deserving claims are denied at the initial level!

It sounds unbelievable that this would happen, but we’ve seen it ourselves, firsthand. And it contributes to what we call “Social Security Disability Disorientation,” the confusion many people suffer from when trying to file for SSDI. 

In the years of fighting for the full Social Security Disability benefits for clients from all over New England, we’ve found that a good portion of our time is spent correcting mistakes our clients have made… thinking they could do it themselves without an attorney, or thinking they had no choice but to settle for whatever the SSA offered them… before coming to us to get them the benefits they deserve under the law. 

I know how incredibly confusing it can be when trying to find all the necessary information you’ll need when filing a claim or trying to appeal a denial. Then juggling all that information, and have it all make sense. All while trying to figure out what is best for your unique situation… and for your family. All while suffering from an injury or disability… 

That’s why it’s more important than ever to know how to properly file a claim, and what to look for in a Social Security Disability lawyer… before your claim gets rejected. 

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