A 57-year-old veteran was forced to leave his job because of radiating back pain that prevented him from carrying out his duties as a lifelong brick layer. Social Security Disability Lawyer Patrick Hartwig helped him convince the social security judge that he could not do his old work anymore, and that he would not be able to use all of those skills even in a less physically demanding job.


John first approached Patrick because he needed help filing his first appeal for his disability claim. Patrick helped him file that appeal immediately and encourage John to continue going to the doctor as regularly as possible. Unfortunately, John’s condition was degenerative so the help from doctors wasn’t working and he received very limited treatment at the VA hospital. Throughout this process, because he was in significant pain and could no longer work, he also developed significant issues with depression.


By the time they got to the hearing in front of the social security judge, they had a simple argument to make. John had a fantastic work history and, considering there was nothing the doctors could really do to improve his health, John should be approved for disability benefits. The judge agreed and John was approved for social security disability benefits.


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