Social security disability benefits are a great resource for those who can no longer work due to an impairment.

But what happens if your application is denied? Below we review how to appeal a denied social security disability benefits application.


The first step you should take after receiving your denial is file an appeal of that decision within 60 days. You can do this on the official Social Security website –


Once you file the appeal, Social Security will send you another application. This application will, once again, ask you questions about your day-to-day activities. It’s important for you to complete that paperwork and return it to Social Security as soon as possible.


After you’ve returned the second batch of paperwork, you’ll wait for Social Security’s response. In the meantime, you should be prepared to file yet another appeal, since Social Security routinely denies claims at the first and second round of applications. Be prepared to file one more appeal requesting a hearing in front of a social security judge, since that will be your best chance to get approved.


These are the steps you should take if your application for social security disability benefits is denied.


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