I can tell you from experience that most people who say they are confused and overwhelmed by their Social Security Disability claim, and are desperate for help and direction, never do anything about it. And they, and their families, suffer because of it. 

Just a few of the consequences include: 

• Not being able to provide for their families 

• Mounting medical bills that are out of reach for the average worker 

• Constant calls from bill collectors and destruction of their credit rating 

• Ongoing medical problems and no way to cover the expenses 

• A lifetime of pain from injuries and disabilities that are not properly treated… or not treated at all 

• Jeopardizing their rights to future benefits 

That’s an appalling amount of pain and suffering, along with a lot of time and money wasted. And what most people don’t understand is they could have saved all that trouble and expense if they just had all the facts—and knew what questions to ask—before filing their Social Security Disability claim. 

If your doctor has told you that you can no longer work—or if you’ve learned that with your medical impairments you simply cannot sustain work—and are now facing mounting bills without any idea when, or even IF you can ever work again… I want you to know you are not alone. 

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the average 20-year-old worker has a whopping 30% chance of becoming disabled before he or she reaches retirement age … and that percentage only climbs higher as we age!

By just taking that one step… and arming yourself with all the information you need… you’ve already taken a huge leap towards getting the benefits you, and your family, deserve. 

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