Social Security finally approved your disability application. You’ve been receiving monthly benefits, but now you’d like to return to work. Below we review three things to consider before returning to work after receiving social security disability benefits.


One thing to know is that Social Security has a voluntary program called the Ticket to Work program. This is a resource that helps social security disability benefit recipients receive training and help with a job search. It’s free to benefit recipients and you can continue to receive benefits while you are trying to get back into the workforce. 


Another thing to know if you start working after receiving disability benefits is that Social Security will trigger a trial work period if you earn more than $850 in any given month. This shows that you’re attempting to return to the workforce. If you make $850 in gross wages each month for nine months (they don’t have to be consecutive), Social Security reserves the right to terminate your benefits.


What’s most important to remember when you’re thinking about going back to work is keeping Social Security up to date on your income. If you don’t, Social Security may pay you benefits unknowingly after your eligibility has actually ceased. If this happens, you may be asked to reimburse Social Security for those extra benefits paid.


Those are some things to keep in mind if you are planning to go back to the workforce after receiving social security disability benefits.


If you have additional questions about working after being approved for benefits, I want you to call me at 508-732-8989.