You’ve applied for Social Security benefits and you’re wondering what can your doctor do to help your claim.

Below we review the three easiest and most important ways your doctor can help your social security application


First, have your doctor return the records that Social Security requests as promptly as possible.

Tell your doctor that you’ve applied for Social Security Disability and for them to expect a request for your medical records from Social Security.


The second thing your doctor can do to help you with your Social Security claim, is to simply understand Social Security’s definition of disability. Social Security is trying to establish whether or not you can work full-time, 40-hours a week in any job that exists in the national economy.


And then finally, the best thing that your doctor can do to help you with your Social Security claim is complete a questionnaire outlining your limitations on a daily basis.  It is important to understand that If your doctor’s opinion matches up with the medical evidence in your record, Social Security will give that a lot of weight in making its decision.


If you have additional questions about what comes next after filling out your Social Security Disability benefits application, I want you to call me at 508-732-8989.