When applying for social security disability benefits, you may get to a point in the process where you need to appear before a social security judge.

Below we review what happens in that hearing.


The judge will first outline his or her role in the process, explain what will happen throughout the hearing, and review the other people that will be in the room.


The judge will then begin by asking you some detailed about your work history. This is so the judge can determine whether or not they believe you can go back to any of those jobs. The judge will also ask questions about your medical impairment – the diagnoses you’ve received, the treatment that you’ve had, the limitations those medical issues cause you on a daily basis, etc.


The judge will hear testimony from a vocational expert. A vocational expert has a master’s degree in vocational rehabilitation and helps people get back into the workforce when they can no longer perform at their current job. The judge will ask that person some questions to determine whether or not you can do any other type of work that exists somewhere in the United States.


One thing to keep in mind is that in nearly all social security hearings, the judge does not make a decision that day. The judge will listen throughout the hearing, review his or her notes, and issue a written decision in six to eight weeks.


This is how a typical social security hearing goes.


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