A question we get from time to time is, “What Is A Dire Needs Request?’

This question tends to deal with a client’s immediate and or pending financial distress. A dire need is the same as a hardship and if granted can help escalate your claim on a faster track.

If you are facing foreclosure, or eviction, or if you are receiving cut-off notices from the power company, you may be able to make what is called a Dire Needs Request. They are not always granted, and you will need a paper trail, such as a copy of the actual eviction notice, or letter from the power company. There is no guarantee that the Request will be granted, but an experienced attorney will be familiar with this kind of request. If it is granted, you will not receive an automatic Hearing date, but it should move your case up further in the line, and ensure that your case is scheduled a bit earlier.

During the height of the Covid pandemic when millions of people were out of work, some had legitimate claims which would allow them to file for SSDI or SSI. However with so many filing and trying to claim a dire needs request many were simply denied and forced to wait through the entire process. I share that example because there are no guarantees, but with proper documentation and the aid of great social security lawyer the chances of being granted increase.

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