Social Security Disability insurance can be very helpful to its recipients.

However, the application process can seem daunting and confusing. To help in the application process, we review the information you need to file a Social Security Disability claim below.


The first thing you’ll be asked in your application is basic personal information, ranging from your Social Security number to your date of birth to the details of your marriage and/or past marriages.


The application will also ask detailed questions about your work history over the past 15 years. They’ll want to know every job you’ve held in that time, how long you were at each employer, how much you were paid, and the details of what you did in that role.


The third thing that the application will ask is all of the details about your medical history. These questions are about every doctor that you’ve seen in the recent past, every hospital you’ve visited and the address for each one, the dates you were seen, and any testing or procedures that were performed. They’ll also ask about every medication that you’ve taken in the recent past, the type of medication, the name, the dosage, and the name of the doctor who prescribed that medication.


Finally, at the end of the application, Social Security will ask you to sign an authorization form which allows them to pursue your medical records from all of your providers.


That is the information you’ll need to file a Social Security Disability claim. This process will likely take 1-2 hours.


If you have additional questions about the information you need to file a Social Security disability claim, give us a call at 508-732-8989.


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