Keep in mind, Social Security will not order medical records for treatment you received years ago.

They will typically only order records covering the year or so prior to the date that you say became disabled. Once your records are received they are reviewed and if necessary, will you be directed to a doctor that Social Security selects for further review. That doctor will examine you and provide a written report to Social Security that identifies your impairments. In some cases these doctors (or as Social Security calls them Consultative Examiners) will perform physical examinations and ask you to demonstrate what you physically able to do. They will ask you to sit, stand, and lift which helps them determine the range of motion in your back, hips, knees, legs, arms and feet.

The time frame these examiners spend with you could be just a few minutes or up to an hour or more. In really depends on the case and what may be required to confirm your impairment.

Typically the processing time during the Initial phase of your Social Security case can take two to four months. Once Social Security makes their decision you will be notified in writing. You will receive a letter from Social Security letting you know whether you have been approved or denied for benefits.