Social security hearings are your best chance at making your case for disability benefits. During the hearing, the judge will review your medical records, consult a vocational expert, and hear your case. Below we review when you can expect the decision for your hearing.


One of the reasons you don’t get an immediate decision on the day of the hearing is that each judge around the country usually conducts about 500 social security disability hearings each year. Each one of those case files contains hundreds of medical records. After each hearing, the judge sits down and reviews those records, along with the notes from the hearing. Then the judge needs to write a 10-20 page decision outlining the process and indicating whether or not they believe you meet the social security disability qualifications.


Your decision will eventually arrive in the mail. Whatever the verdict, it’s important you contact your social security attorney right away to let them know the decision. Your attorney will then let you know what steps to take next.


This is how the social security hearing decision process works.


If you have additional questions about when to expect a decision from a social security judge, I want you to call me at 508-732-8989.