Having a disability that keeps you from working is a very difficult situation to go through, and the decision to hire an attorney is a big one.

I trust the information you find on this website will help you make the right decision. And that it will bring you new hope and understanding and helps you finally end your Social Security Disability Disorientation and get the benefits you deserve

What you’ll find on our website…

  • Information on exactly what Social Security Disability Insurance and your rights under the law.
  • The differences between an SS claim that gets rejected and one that gets you the benefits you deserve and how to avoid the common mistakes that can lead to a rejection.
  • Whether or not you really need a lawyer to help file your claim and what to look for when choosing an attorney for your disability claim.
  • And you’ll get answers to the most often asked questions about your SS Disability claim along with essential checklists of important items and information you’ll need to file your claim.

This can mean the difference between getting the benefits you need to provide for your family while you are disabled or getting your claim rejected, and spending months and even years fighting to get the benefits you deserve.

What we’ve included on this website you most likely won’t find on other lawyer websites, on government information pages, or anywhere else on the Internet.

This is an honest, professional look at the information available and the rights you have under the law.

All taken from the years of protecting clients just like you, and hearing their most often asked questions, concerns and horror stories.

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