Social security disability benefits can be extremely beneficial to those who can no longer work due to an impairment.

However, the application process is a lengthy one and often comes with a series of denials before you can get approved for the benefits. Below we review whether or not you should go back to work while appealing your denied application.


When determining whether you are eligible for disability benefits, Social Security investigates if you are involved in substantial gainful activity – in simpler terms, whether you make more than $1,180 in gross wages every month. If this is the case, you cannot qualify for social security disability benefits. This means that if you return to work full time while appealing Social Security’s decision, you will not be found eligible and they will deny your application again. However, if you return to work on a very limited part-time basis and are making less than $1,180, you can continue to file appeals to your claim and pursue disability benefits.


If you do choose to return to work after your application is denied and are making more than $1,180 per month, you do have the option to continue your claim within a certain period of time. This is due to what Social Security calls an unsuccessful work attempt – going back to work, even if its full time, and being forced to stop working within six months after you’ve started due to your disability. If this is the case, it’s as if you never went back to work and your claim continues to move through the process. This is Social Security’s way of encouraging people to try to get back to work while pursuing benefits.


Whether or not you should return to work while appealing your denied social security benefits is up to you. However, it’s important that you keep on top of your application to ensure the swiftest response.


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