Social security benefits can be extremely helpful for families with caregivers who are disabled.

But do the benefits apply to the children? Below we review how Social Security handles the benefits for dependents of disability benefits recipients.

If you are approved for supplemental security income (SSI), Social Security will only pay the claimant and no one else.

However, if you are approved for social security disability insurance based on how much social security taxes you’ve paid in the recent past, your children may be eligible for additional benefits since Social Security has deemed you disabled. Any child under the age of 18 (or 19 or under if the child is still in high school) is eligible for what are called auxiliary benefits. In addition, if you have a child who has been determined disabled before he or she turns 22, that child can receive benefits under your social security number based on the fact that you’ve been approved for disability benefits.

That is how dependents can also earn benefits from Social Security.

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