You’ve done it.

You’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s on your application for Social Security Disability benefits and have sent it off. Below we review the next steps in the process.


First, your case gets assigned to a Social Security Disability Examiner. The Disability Examiner gathers all of your relevant medical records from your providers and sends you a series of forms to fill out and return. They will then most likely send you two more very significant forms to also complete and return.


The first form is called an Adult Function Report. This eight-page form asks questions about your daily activities and limitations.


The second form is called a Work History Report which asks very detailed questions about each and every job you’ve had in the last 15 years. It’s important that you complete both of these forms as quickly as possible and send them back to ensure that your case keeps moving smoothly.


At this stage, the final thing you need to do is attend a Consultative Examination. This exam is conducted by a neutral doctor to help gather more medical information for your case. Be prepared to confirm that appointment with the Disability Examiner and attend.


These are some of the initial things that happen after you submit your application.


If you have additional questions about what comes next after filling out your Social Security Disability benefits application, I want you to call me at 508-732-8989.


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