Because I Understand How Important This is to You… 

I just want every person who has ever been sick, injured, or disabled, and felt confused and lost about his or her situation to get the facts first, then decide if hiring a Social Security Disability attorney is right for them… without feeling pressure and financial obligation. 

We know what a positive, life-long impact getting your benefits can have on you… Without having to worry about bills and expenses… fighting to get past the “I can barely survive” stage. Over the years of handling SSD cases like yours, we’ve seen the financial devastation of being unable to work. But, it’s still a big decision… and yours alone to make. 

However – we suggest that you only make these kinds of decisions after a consultation with an experienced attorney, one who has a strong focus in Social Security Disability law, SSA claims procedure, and one that has a knowledgeable staff. And, I want to help you by making the decision an easy one. 

To learn more or to speak to on of our friendly staff members about your social security disability claim call the Hartwig Law Firm today at (508)732-8989